Conquest Hadiths of Istanbul

Due to its location, Istanbul has been of great importance throughout history. In the Holy Quran, miracles take place with the conquest of Istanbul.


‘‘ Istanbul will surely be conquered ’’

Hz. After the death of the Prophet (saas), Islamic lands were expanded with conquest movements. The Istanbul wars, which began with the Umayyad, resulted in the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. Due to its geographical position, it has continued to be politically, commercially and militarily important throughout history. Istanbul has been a center of attraction from past to present. Because of this feature of Istanbul, Muslims have tried to besiege many times to come to this city. However, the siege of Istanbul from the companions lasted 8 centuries. It is obvious that a great effort and an important motivation is needed for the conquest of Istanbul. The reason why Muslims are so keen on Istanbul is not limited to Istanbul’s military, political, geographical and commercial importance. Of course, Hz. Muhammad hadith that had heralded those who had participated in the conquest of Istanbul.

‘‘ Istanbul will surely be conquered. The commander who conquered him is a beautiful commander, that army is a beautiful army. ’’

Sources of Hadith;

There have been many researches about the hadith. There were also negative statements. There are also views that the hadith is extremely weak in terms of isnad. The fact that a hadith that many owners should know is known by a single person has caused suspicion.

The comments about the reality of the hadith Hz. The motivation of the Companions increased with the gospel of Muhammad 8 centuries ago. It has been a great source of morale for them. There have been many attempts to conquer Istanbul. In addition, the efforts of conquest which lasted for 8 centuries are shown to prove the truth of this hadith.

İsmail Lütfi Çakan;

“Hz. With these chalks, the Prophet reminds the ummah not to get stuck in the current conditions, and to protect the vitality required by the communiqué and jihad duty they undertake. Of course, this means olun be prepared ele for the price to be paid. Taraf

The conquests of Istanbul, which has been the subject of numerous researches, have been concluded that Istanbul occupies an important place for the conquest of Istanbul. It motivated the commanders, and this was the II. Mehmet has been granted. He became a conqueror and managed to conquer Istanbul.